Our 3 favorite Gorgias features for eCommerce customer service teams

Our 3 favorite Gorgias features for eCommerce customer service teams
By Pedals | On Aug 04, 2022
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Your ability to keep up with customer expectations and deliver quality service largely depends on finding the right customer support platform. The good news is there are many excellent options to choose from. The not so good news: it can be tough to figure out which one is best for your organization. 

To assist you in narrowing down your search, we’ve rounded up our favorite features across the top customer support platforms, including:

Today, we’re taking a look at Gorgias. Focused on eCommerce brands, this customer service software offers some unique functionality you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. 

Let's dive into what our team loved most!

In this article:

1. eCommerce compatibility

Gorgias boasts a wide range of features specifically designed for online stores. For starters, it integrates with multiple eCommerce platforms and apps, including:

  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • ShipBob
  • Recharge
  • Postscript
  • Returnly
  • Yotpo

Gorgias’ Shopify integration is particularly robust, enabling agents to create and cancel orders, apply discounts, and issue refunds without ever leaving the helpdesk. This adds another level of security, since there’s no need to share Shopify credentials with agents. You can also:

  • Trigger Shopify actions with templated responses or macros
  • Populate auto-replies with customer names, order numbers, and tracking URLs, which is especially useful for streamlining WISMO (“Where Is My Order?”) inquiries.

Another benefit with Gorgias is that their eCommerce compatibility isn’t limited to just one brand. Agents can manage inquiries from multiple stores within a single helpdesk. To ensure better consistency and prevent agents from responding from the wrong account, you can equip each brand with its own:

  • Automation rules
  • Support emails
  • Customized signatures

Customer interactions are additionally equipped with a helpful sidebar containing additional information like order history.

Why we love Gorgias’ eCommerce compatibility:

Since Gorgias was specifically designed for eCommerce customer support teams, you don’t have to waste valuable time attempting to tailor a more generalized solution to fit your unique requirements. You also aren’t paying for features you don’t need, like product tours or technical knowledge bases, that may be more applicable to B2B tech companies than online stores.

Test and compare customer support software before you buy

2. Self-service portal

Gorgias’ eCommerce capabilities extend to its chat widget—especially the self-service portal. Customers can input their email address or phone number and immediately access information related to their order. Using custom parameters, you can also enable customers to initiate returns and cancellations—but only if they meet your customer service policy.

Why we love Gorgias’ self-service portal:

Gorgias estimates status requests make up 30% of ticket volume for online stores. The self-service portal uses automation to simultaneously relieve busy customer service teams and offer a major convenience to customers.

3. Multi-channel support

Gorgias uses a single helpdesk to centralize multiple support channels, each equipped with helpful features to streamline communication:

  • Email: In addition to auto-tagging and auto-assigning email tickets, you can also use Shopify variables to create customized templates.
  • Social media: Gorgias automatically creates new tickets whenever shoppers comment on your posts, send a private message, or mention your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also sync with Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento so your agents can perform actions directly from social platforms—like canceling an order via Instagram message.
  • Phone: Agents can answer calls from their browser or mobile device. You can also use an interactive voice response (IVR) menu to enable customers to self-select different voice support options.
  • Live chat: With Gorgias’ Shopify integration, live chat agents can view which products are in stock, share product links, update orders, and issue refunds, all from one sidebar.
  • SMS: Agents can view customer order details and conversation history in the same window as SMS messages.

Why we love Gorgias’ multi-channel support:

Multi-channel support is a common feature among customer support platforms, but Gorgias still found a way to incorporate several features to accommodate eCommerce customer interactions.

Take Gorgias for a spin (on your own terms)

We think Gorgias is a good option for online brands to consider. You can access unique features specifically designed for eCommerce customer service teams, without having to sacrifice the standard functionality that’s crucial to any customer service organization. 

However, Gorgias isn’t the only option you’ve got.. The best way to see if it’s the right fit for you is to actually give it a try, and then see how it stacks up against other customer support platforms. With TestBox, you can compare help desk software side-by-side—for free—plus check out information on pricing, data security, and compliance. Click here to get started.

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