Our 3 favorite Intercom features

Our 3 favorite Intercom features
By Pedals | On Aug 01, 2022
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One thing that makes it so difficult to buy software is information overload. You’ve got to sift through multiple pricing plan options, different sets of features (and UX for that matter), and also understand what system will integrate best with your existing tech stack.

How are you supposed to make the best decision when you’re drowning in demo calls, slide decks, and marketing materials from multiple different vendors at once? 

Fear not. We’re here to lend you a hand.

Our team has conducted a months-long deep dive into some of the most popular customer support platforms on the market—and taking diligent notes along the way. 

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Test and compare customer support software before you buy

Today we’re going to walk through the three things we love most about Intercom!

In this article:

1. Customizable chatbots

Although Intercom offers live chat like other customer support platforms, it really stands out with its chatbots. Combining advanced functionality with extensive customization options, Intercom’s chatbots are equipped with a huge range of features:

  • Proactive auto-messages: Chatbots can automatically deploy in-app and website messages triggered by customer behavior, like amount of time spent on a particular page.
  • Rich content types: Intercom’s chat windows don’t just support text, but images, videos, gifs, emojis, and attachments.
  • Self-service: Customers can interact with chatbots to explore your knowledge base articles and FAQ’s, launch product tours, or connect with live agents—all within a single window.
  • Conversation triaging: Before routing to live agents, chatbots can collect customer information by asking multiple choice questions with predefined answers (customers can also write their own response). 
  • Automated tasks: Chatbots can tag and prioritize conversations, assign to a specific inbox, apply SLA’s, and even route “VIP” customers directly to live support.
intercom customizable chatbot
Intercom's chat bot logic

Why we love Intercom’s customizable chatbots:

Considering the degree of advanced and customizable functionality, chatbots are surprisingly easy to create with Intercom’s code-free, visual, drag-and-drop builder. You can also easily schedule times of day when customers can view and interact with different chatbots.

2. Extensive integrations

Intercom uses integrations to boost their chat functionality with even more features. With embedded apps (both third-party and native to Intercom), customers can perform a wide range of actions directly within the chat—like scheduling a demo, checking on an order’s status, or responding to a survey. 

Popular Intercom integrations include:

  • Article inserter: Shares single how-to articles directly in the chat window. These messages can  be triggered by time thresholds, like if a user has been stuck somewhere in your app or on your website for several minutes. 
  • Status page: Displays system status and outage information, and enables customers to subscribe to email or text updates. 
  • Typeform: Deploys interactive surveys. 
  • Zendesk: Forwards conversations to Zendesk and converts into trackable tickets. 

You can also use APIs to integrate Intercom with the rest of your tech stack.

Why we love Intercom’s extensive integrations:

Instead of spreading themselves too thin, Intercom has doubled down on what they’re really good at: chat. This has enabled the platform to offer some incredibly unique chatbot features, many of which you won’t find elsewhere. However, Intercom also plays nicely with other tools, including more ticket-oriented solutions like Zendesk. This gives you the best of both worlds—leveling up chat support (both live and bot), while performing similar functions to a comprehensive customer support platform.

Test and compare customer support software before you buy

3. Incredible user experience

Intercom’s intuitive design makes for a seamless user experience— from onboarding to  daily use. Since Intercom supplements their chat functionality with apps and integrations, you can consolidate several communication channels in a single inbox. Additionally, you can automate manual tasks and workflows to save time—like creating canned responses for common questions—all wrapped up in a clean, easy-to-use interface.

We’re not the only ones impressed with Intercom’s user interface—this was highly praised among verified customer reviews on G2. As some users commented:

“I love the interface. It is intuitive and easy to navigate… I can create bots, articles, and bulk messages way faster than on other platforms.”
- Customer Support Team Lead
“I really like the new interface with both dark and light mode. I like how easy it is to attach a file, gif, emoji, etc. in a chat. I also appreciate the snooze option for messages.”
- Onboarding Specialist
“Everything is very clear and simple to use… If you're looking for an easy-to-use interface to talk to your clients, this is the one. It also allows you to create product tours, add links and presentation videos.”
- Customer Support and Education professional
“Intercom has a simple, clean interface that is easy to navigate and allows our customer-facing teams to keep all communication and resources in one location!”
- Director of Customer Support

Why we love Intercom’s userface:

Your agents can jump right in and start using Intercom without a steep learning curve, which means quicker time to value. Since your agents will be using this tool daily, having an enjoyable user experience will also make it easier for them to become power users and really get the most out of the software.

Let’s get to the good part

Although its chat-based approach is different to traditional ticketing systems, Intercom still has a lot to offer customer support and service teams. We hope this review of our favorite features has been helpful.However, the best way to see if Intercom is right for you is to take it for a spin. TestBox lets you compare customer support solutions side-by-side in one place (no agonizing demo calls or slide decks involved!). 

You can also immediately access information on pricing, data security, and compliance. Get started for free!

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