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TestBox is the only way to evaluate your software options hands-on in a sandbox. No more sales calls and demos. All free.
Once you choose the software you need, Vendr will get you the best price without you having to negotiate a single deal.

Buying Enterprise software will never be the same

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TestBox puts in unique data relevant to your business so you don’t waste time imagining
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Test important workflows

Your trials will be fully configured with top use cases so you can test how they actually work
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Collaborate with your team

Easily take notes with your team on what you do or don’t like about each product — no more spreadsheets
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How it works

Compare solutions side-by-side and see which one really meets your needs
Invite your team members, take notes, and share feedback with each other
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What people have to say about us...

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TestBox is immeasurably helpful!
Buying software will be way better now that I can play around in a sandbox environment to see what is intuitive, easy to use, and how each solution is differentiated.
Kelly L.
Customer Experience and Support Leader
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TestBox makes evaluating software easy and efficient!
TestBox is unique, as far as I can tell, in its ability to bring the entire software evaluation process into a single platform. You select who you want to evaluate and TestBox creates all the prepopulated sandboxes you and your team need and provides a detailed tour through these platforms to understand what exactly you are looking at. It also offers the ability to have multiple people on your team, take their own notes about what they like and don’t like and collate that into a final report with all the information you’d need.
Grant O.
Solutions Consultant
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TestBox answers a lot of my frustrations.
[When buying support software] it took us months to schedule the demos and the calls before we got hands on. Even then only two out of eight vendors let us try the product.
Diana P.
Head of Customer Experience
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TestBox stops wasted time and money from inefficient sales processes and makes collaboration easier.
The biggest benefit is being able to choose software confidently, knowing that I've evaluated it comprehensively (while not spending a ton of time).
Michaela C.
Support Engineer
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Everyone should use TestBox.
We didn't have to sign up for multiple trial accounts, didn’t get contacted by salespeople, and TestBox put in sample data to get us started.
Michael C.
Head of Engineering
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Are you shopping for a new support or help desk platform? Seriously, use TestBox.
TestBox has proven their expertise time and time again. Highly recommended.
Paul T.
Head of Support
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